Medium, Bold & French | Combo Pack | 48 Count | Recyclable

Medium, Bold & French | Combo Pack | 48 Count | Recyclable

Single-serve cups compatible with most single-serve brewers.

Get all the best with our Medium, Bold & French Roasts (16 each).

  • Moderate and mellow, Stuck In The Middle is a medium blend low-acid coffee that has plenty of taste, but isn’t too strong. It provides the perfect balance; smooth and complex.
  • Rugged and resolute, Heart Of Bold is perfect for people wanting a full-body low-acid coffee blend packed with flavor. It’s roasted deep enough to unlock the blend’s full character.
  • Daring and dangerous, Dark As Night is an exceptional French roast low-acid coffee for those who want to experience a delicious dark side. It’s thick and lush with incredible body, and just a hint of smoke.

Be trü to your planet. Please recycle your cups. Recycle per your local guidelines. 


$ 48.95