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Medium, Bold & French Roast Variety Pack - 36 Count Low-Acid Coffee

Medium, Bold & French Roast Variety Pack - 36 Count Low-Acid Coffee

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Medium-blend Stuck In The Middle, full-bodied Heart of Bold and Dark as Night French roast are the ultimate power trio.

Moderate and mellow, Stuck In The Middle is a medium blend low-acid coffee that has plenty of taste, but isn’t too strong. Smooth and perfectly balanced, it’s the rhythm guitar of our roasts.

Heart Of Bold is perfect for people wanting a full-body, low-acid coffee blend packed with flavor. Rugged and resolute like a wicked baseline, it’s roasted deep enough to unlock the blend’s full character.

Daring and dangerous, Dark As Night is an exceptional French roast low-acid coffee for those who want to experience a delicious dark side. It’s thick and lush with incredible body, and just a hint of smoke. Kinda like hanging out with the band in the back of the tour bus.

  • 60% less acidic with a pH level of 5.74, using a natural process to remove acids that can be harmful to the stomach without sacrificing bright flavor. You can still enjoy all the benefits of coffee without the uncomfortable side effects of acid reflux.
  • The blend is a mix of Brazilian Santos beans from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and Colombian Excelso from Huila, Colombia, along with beans in other regions of South America.
  • Pods come in a 12-pack box that is recyclable.
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The Lowdown on Low-Acid

Let’s bust out a little science.

Acid levels are measured in “pH”. (That’s officially, “Potential
Hydrogen” if you want to impress your chemistry friends.) pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 and broken into two teams. Any solution with a pHfrom 0 to 7 is on team “Acidic” Any solution with a pH from 7-14 gets to be on team “Basic” For reference, water lands right in the middle
with a score of 7 And here’s where pH scoring adds another wrinkle. Each
whole point change is ten times the score of the previous point. In
other words, a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than water’s score of 7.

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High marks for low-acid

Anything you consume affects your body’s pH level. Remember, the higher the score, the lower the acid. And this is where trücup low-acid coffee comes in…with high score. We hired the best lab guys around and tested our coffee against a few others. According to tests, trücup clocked in at an impressive 5.74 pH level. Even being humble, and gifting a
generous average to the others, the results? trücup is a very impressive 60% less acid than those other guys.