A whole new category of coffee

In 2011, we noticed there was a gap in the coffee market. Even with the multitude of options we had in the Pacific Northwest, coffee came in pretty much only two choices: regular and decaf. So, we introduced low-acid trücup to the world… a whole new category of coffee.

How do we make trücup both drinkable and delicious? First, we select a premium blend of coffee beans from all over the world. Then, using a proprietary, natural process, we remove acids that can be harmful to your stomach and that create a bitter taste – but leave in all the flavor, aroma and caffeine.

trücup can be a great option if you suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues that are irritated by coffee. Or if you just want to enjoy a great-tasting coffee that’s smooth and satisfying.

While trücup is low on acid, we’re high on fun: all of our five different roasts are inspired by classic rock songs. So whether you like your coffee light like an acoustic guitar or strong like a drum solo, you’re sure to find a coffee that rocks.

~ The founders of trücup coffee

Staying trü to the planet

Headquartered in Seattle, we are passionate about our waterways and keeping them healthy for future generations. So, we became an annual sponsor of the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance in 2019. Puget Soundkeeper is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that works to protect and preserve the waterways of the Puget Sound.

Eight million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year and at trücup, we are always looking for ways to increase our impact with action. In May 2021, we hosted a clean-up at our local beach Golden Gardens, where we picked up 30 pounds of trash!

"Being able to enjoy my dark roast coffee without the acid has been such a game changer and I can't thank trücup enough for making a coffee that works so well for those of us with gut health issues!"
~ Natalie K.

"I was able to try a couple of the pods. They are amazing! I really like to pod design. It appears much more efficient and environmentally friendly. I wish they all came this way."
~ Scott L. Rindenow, "The Gotta Get it Guy!"

"My husband is a committed, serious coffee drinker despite having very serious stomach acid issues for over 10 years. He started drinking trücup and loves the bold flavor and has noticed he takes a lot less stomach acid medicine on the days that he drinks this."
~ Jasmine K.

"The only bad thing about this coffee is that you won’t want to drink any other kind after you have it. Love it, love it, love it!"
~ Sarah P.

"I purchased trücup as a gift for my daughter. She has ulcers and can’t drink her beloved coffee but this works well for her. She’s happy and I’m happy."
~ Jack B.

"I was unable to drink coffee or tea due to health issues and I have had no problems with trücup low-acid coffee. Thank goodness, I can finally enjoy a cup of java."
~ Sharon