A whole new category of coffee

For years, coffee came in pretty much only two choices: regular and decaf. But now, there’s low-acid trücup…a whole new category of coffee.

How do we make trücup both drinkable and delicious? First, we select a premium blend of coffee beans from all over the world. Then, using a proprietary, natural process, we remove acids that can be harmful to your stomach and that create a bitter taste – but leave in all the flavor, aroma and caffeine.

trücup can be a great option if you suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues that are irritated by coffee. Or if you just want to enjoy a great-tasting coffee that’s smooth and satisfying.

While trücup is low on acid, we’re high on fun: all of our five different roasts are inspired by classic rock songs. So whether you like your coffee light like an acoustic guitar or strong like a drum solo, you’re sure to find a coffee that rocks.

"The only bad thing about this coffee is that you won’t want to drink any other kind after you have it. Love it, love it, love it!"
~ Sarah P.

"I purchased trücup as a gift for my daughter. She has ulcers and can’t drink her beloved coffee but this works well for her. She’s happy and I’m happy."
~ Jack B.

"I was unable to drink coffee or tea due to health issues and I have had no problems with trücup low-acid coffee. Thank goodness, I can finally enjoy a cup of java."
~ Sharon