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A whole new category of coffee

trücup low-acid coffee was born in the Pacific Northwest…an occasionally dark land, also regularly filled with dampness. In other words, yeah, there are times when sitting indoors sipping large quantities of delicious, premium coffee makes for a positive and pleasant way to spend a day. Well, mostly pleasant. A few of us noticed that as, “professional grade, semi-pro coffee drinkers”, it wasn’t the caffeine that was the big problem, it was the acid.

We thought, “Somebody should do something about that!”

So, we did.

In 2011, we introduced trücup low-acid premium coffee to the world… a whole new category of coffee.

First, we source premium, arabica coffee beans from all over the world.

Then, with trücup’s all natural, proprietary process using only water and steam, we remove acids that can be harmful to your stomach.

Next, we work with artisan Northwest roasters to develop five trücup blends that deliver all the flavor, aroma, and caffeine you crave with a lot less of the acid your body probably doesn’t.

trücup low-acid coffee can be a great option if you suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues that are irritated by coffee. Or it can be a great reason to confidently pour yourself one more cup on those days when more coffee sounds like a really good idea.

~ The founders of trücup coffee