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trücup Low-Acid Coffee can be a great option if you suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues irritated by coffee. Or, if you just want to enjoy a great-tasting coffee that’s smooth and satisfying.

We understand that sometimes you want to listen to a couple of songs before you buy the album. So, we’re giving you your choice of two ways to try a free sample of trücup.

(Limit one free sample per customer)

Drip Grind Sample

Take your pick of a free 3 oz. sample of Stuck in the Middle (medium roast) or Heart of Bold (bold roast).

Stuck in the Middle Sample

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Heart of Bold Sample

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Single Serve Cups Sample

One pod each of Stuck in the Middle (medium roast), Heart of Bold (bold roast), and Dark as Night (French roast). Pods are 100% compostable.

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