The lowdown on low acid

One big reason to love trücup: it’s low acid. Using a natural process, we remove acids that can be harmful to the stomach, but leave in all the flavor, caffeine and aroma.

But what does it mean to be a “low-acid coffee?” Here’s a brief overview of acid, for those of us who might have been thinking about other things during high school chemistry class:

Acid levels are all about pH, which stands for “potential of hydrogen” and is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration present in a solution. Acid is measured on a scale of 0-14. Solutions that have a pH of less than seven are considered “acidic” and those with a pH level of greater than seven are considered “basic.” Water sits in the middle with a score of 7 and is considered neutral, neither acidic nor basic.

Anything containing acid—which is just about everything you eat or drink—affects your pH level. And the higher the pH level, the lower the acid. Got it?


High marks for low acid

According to our test results, trücup Born To Be Mild (Light Roast) clocked in at an impressive 5.74 pH level—making it 60% less acidic than light roasts from some of the leading national coffee brands.

Plus, all other trücup roasts have a higher pH than Born To Be Mild—which means they are even lower in acid.

Drinkable and delicious, trücup can be a great low-acid option for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs who suffer from GERD or heartburn.


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