Single-Serve Sample Pack - 6 count

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Single-Serve Sample Pack - 6 count

Sometimes you want to listen to a couple of songs before buy the album. Our sample pack includes two each of Stuck in the Middle, Heart of Bold and Dark as Night.

Moderate and mellow, Stuck In The Middle is a medium blend low-acid coffee that has plenty of taste, but isn’t too strong. Smooth and perfectly balanced, it’s the rhythm guitar of our roasts.

Heart Of Bold is perfect for people wanting a full-body, low-acid coffee blend packed with flavor. Rugged and resolute like a wicked baseline, it’s roasted deep enough to unlock the blend’s full character.

Daring and dangerous, Dark As Night is an exceptional French roast low-acid coffee for those who want to experience a delicious dark side. It’s thick and lush with incredible body, and just a hint of smoke. Kinda like hanging out with the band in the back of the tour bus.


$ 4.97