Dark as Night - French Roast
Dark as Night - French Roast Dark as Night - French Roast

Dark as Night - French Roast

Daring and dangerous, Dark As Night is an exceptional French roast low-acid coffee for those who want to experience a delicious dark side. It’s thick and lush with incredible body, and just a hint of smoke. Kinda like hanging out with the band in the back of the tour bus.

  • This low-acid blend has a delicate sweetness with just enough body for balance.
  • Dark as Night is 60% less acidic with a pH level of 5.74, using a natural process to remove acids that can be harmful to the stomach without sacrificing bright flavor. You can still enjoy all the benefits of coffee without the uncomfortable side effects of acid reflux.

How do we make low-acid coffee?

  • We take a blend of Brazilian Santos beans from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and Colombian Excelso from Huila, Colombia, along with beans in other regions of South America.
  • Using precise temperatures and specific pressures of water and steam, the waxy outer coating of the unroasted green bean is removed. Then, the beans are dried to their original moisture content and roasted at our roaster facility in Portland.
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