Fat-Burning Coffee | trücup coffee
trücup Fat-Burning Coffee

Adding a little cinnamon and coconut to your trücup creates a tasty trifecta of fat-burning fabulousness.


One (1) cup of brewed trücup coffee

One (1) tsp. cinnamon

One (1) tsp. unrefined coconut oil

Light sprinkle of 100% stevia (an all-natural sweetener), optional

Stir well before serving.

Cinnamon encourages insulin uptake in muscle cells, which helps to build muscle rather than store fat. A compound in cinnamon encourages body-fat reduction by enhancing glucose burning inside your fat cells.
Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that get used up to generate energy which speeds up your metabolism. Medium-chain fatty acids are an energy source that helps to burn fat, and this “thermogenic” effect can last hours after you ingest it.