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Why You Should Keep Coffee in your Morning Routine

A new study done by the Stanford University School of Medicine has unveiled some exciting new research about the positive benefits coffee consumption can have on aging.

According to Dr. Furman, the study’s lead researcher, “It’s well known that caffeine intake is associated with longevity.” The exciting part about this research is that they have found a possible reason why the link between caffeine and longevity exists.

As some age, they undergo a “chronic inflammatory process.” Inflammation or swelling is associated with a majority of non-communicable diseases that come with aging i.e. cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and others.

This study identified two gene clusters, in the older population specifically, that are associated with the production of an inflammatory protein. The participants with less inflammation had caffeine-enriched blood, compared to those whose blood was not caffeine-enriched. This means the population who has drunk coffee throughout their life had less inflammation and is less likely to get one of the many diseases associated with inflammation.

So, for those of you wondering how coffee is impacting your health, the research is in; caffeine consumption is associated with living longer. Your morning cup of coffee minimizes inflammation and may allow us to live longer, fuller lives. So fill up your cup with trücup low-acid coffee to combine the health benefits of drinking coffee with a low-acid diet!

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