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More often than not, while running a race, I have vomited close to the finish line. I’ve tried eliminating foods from my typical breakfast-fuel routine to identify the culprit — green apples, Triscuits, raw mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs — but, mercilessly, something will come up and out as I near the end of any race. This little habit doesn’t just add seconds to my final time, it also happens to be gross.

I hadn’t thought to adjust the liquids I was putting in my body pre-run: water is a necessity and coffee’s also a given, considering most races call for a sadistically early wakeup time and caffeine has been shown to enhance performance. Plus, I’m never going to not drink coffee before a race.

But recently, I realized it could be the kind of coffee I’m drinking that leads me to boot-and-rally. Low-acid coffee has been on the market for years, and there are even ways to decrease the acidity in regular home-brewed coffee. But my first time hearing about it was when I got a sample of a product called Trücup. Seeing the words “low-acid” on the label made it all kind of click.

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