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Tips on sticking to your goals for 2017

Are you having trouble sticking to your new year’s resolutions with February now underway? It can be difficult to stay committed to your goals when you have an entire year stretching in front of you, but we know you can do it! We did a little research on the topic and we’ve come up with our 5 best tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions: 

  1. Take baby steps, set reachable goals! If you set your goals too high, you set yourself up for failure. Making changes in your life (big or small) is difficult and if your goals are outside your limits you’ll quit before you start. So…If you have dropped a few of your new year’s resolutions already, try scaling them back a bit and starting again. Small change is better than no change!
  2. Focus on making new habits. In order for your resolutions to stick, new neural pathways must be paved to make it a habit. So instead of making a resolution that says “live life to the fullest” say instead, “go on a hike or bike ride every weekend.” This action can be translated into a tangible habit that you can continue for years!
  3. Talk about it! Chatting with family and friends about your goals and resolutions for this year will help keep you accountable. If one of your resolutions was to join a gym, chat with someone new at the gym and tell him or her about your resolution – this makes the challenge more real for you!
  4. Ask for help! Asking for support and encouragement is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes we can’t do everything on our own – including accomplishing goals we set for ourselves. A few encouraging words from a friend or coworker may be just what you need to keep yourself motivated this year!
  5. Don’t give up! No matter what happens, whether you experience a setback or a bump in the road, keep going. Just because you haven’t been to the gym since January 4th, doesn’t mean you can’t go today! Beating yourself up about not meeting your goals will only set you back further. Stay positive and remember that there is never a good time to give up and always another day for a fresh start.

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