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trüth be told: a look at acidity in coffee

Coffee is a wonderful concoction of caffeine, flavor, and aroma. It contains plenty of helpful antioxidants and can help reduce the risks of type II diabetes (NYTIMES). But coffee is also chock full of these pesky things called chlorogenic acids (CGA). CGA is a naturally occurring acid that occurs in many of your day-to-day foods. (They’re the culprits that cause your freshly sliced apple to turn brown and they’ve recently been debunked as a miracle weight loss supplement.) But where does that leave your coffee? Put simply, CGA greatly increases the overall acidity in coffee. In fact, CGA is found in roughly 4 – 9% of coffee beans used to brew your favorite beverage. The average cup of medium roast coffee contains anywhere from 35 – 500 milligrams of CGA and the average coffee drinker consumes 1-2 grams of CGA in just one day.

We also know that higher levels of coffee acidity can lead to health ailments like acid reflux and GERD (NIDDK Survey). Actually, an estimated 1 in 10 individuals lives with heartburn on a daily basis! But does this mean coffee is off the table?

Not on our watch. Fortunately, we at trücup have made it our mission to reduce the acidity of coffee (up to 4.6 times less acidic than other leading brands) so you can kick the CGA and truly enjoy your favorite brew.