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One Cup, Two Cup: trücup

We get it. You like coffee. Who doesn’t? Not only does it perk you up in the morning, but it has a plethora of health benefits: It can kick-start a workout, contains a multitude of antioxidants, can help cut risks for type 2 diabetes and may even help you live longer (NYTIMES). But unfortunately, it can be hard to fit your favorite brew into a low acid diet and, as a result, certain types of coffee can trigger stomach ills like acid reflux, GERD and heartburn. In fact, as of 2015 approximately 20% of the US population has GERD (NIDDK Survey), and between 1998 and 2005 the amount of GERD hospitalizations increased by 216% (NIDDK Survey).  And, an estimated 40 million people in the United States alone completely avoid coffee due to the unpleasant side effects (ACS Study).

Bummer right? Wrong! Cause that’s where we come in. At trücup, our goal is to reduce the acidity of coffee while still maintaining the flavor (and caffeine!) you love. Because a sensitive stomach shouldn’t mean coffee-less mornings.

We start by selecting premium coffee blends from all over the world (because the best beans make the best brews) and then use a patented, natural process involving only water and steam to reduce the acids that can be harmful to your stomach. This process works so well that the trücup light roast, Born to the Mild, is up to 4.6 times less acidic than other leading brands. That means trücup can fit into a diet for GERD and be the solution for those concerned about the negative effects of coffee and acid reflux. It also means that our coffee is less bitter, leaving more room for a flavorful, robust cup of coffee.

So however you take it, sugar, cream or none at all, it’s time to stop worrying about the acidity of coffee and get back to enjoying it.