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Yum! What a tasty looking drink from our friends at SO Delicious.

Spiked Iced Borgia:

In this stunning cocktail, a zip of orange and tequila are blended with the earth tones of coffee and chocolate. Sweeten the experience even more by pairing it with our Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert in Snickerdoodle!


1 1/4 oz Blanco tequila
1/4 oz Orange liqueur
1 oz Bold brewed trücup low-acid coffee
1 oz So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk Beverage
1/2 oz Jen’s Zen chocolate syrup
1 Pint of So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert in Snickerdoodle (to be served on the side)


  1. Combine all ingredients in an ice filled shaker tin and shake vigorously until cold.
  2. Strain into a glass filled with coffee ice cubes.
  3. Zest a strip of orange over the glass to finish the libation.